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10 Historic Prisons From Around The World



Usually, a jail just isn’t a spot you’d need to go to, and positively not a vacationer attraction. However some historic prisons around the globe have grow to be well-known landmarks and are even thought-about a must-see sights. Right here’s an inventory of ten historic and Notorious prisons that are open to the general public.
1. Alcatraz Island, California – The small island of Alcatraz in entrance of San Francisco‘s Fisherman’s Wharf was the positioning of the primary lighthouse within the Western United States. It turned a jail in 1934 and remained lively until 1963. The utmost safety jail was residence to well-known prisoners like Al Capone. 36 prisoners tried to flee the rocky island over time, most of which had been caught, shot and killed, or drowned. 5 of those males had been by no means seen once more and are believed to have drowned, although their our bodies had been by no means recovered, and a few do consider that these males efficiently escaped the rock. At the moment you possibly can take a ship tour to the island and go to the notorious jail itself. These excursions usually begin at Fisherman’s Wharf and can usually embrace an extended route that additionally goes beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. From the boat you’ll get a stupendous breathtaking view of San Francisco which alone is value your entire tour
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Alcatraz, San Francisco, California

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2. Tower of London, England – The Tower of London is a historic fort on the north financial institution of the River Thames. The fort together with the neighboring Tower Bridge are amongst essentially the most visited monuments in London and even in your entire world. The Tower of London served as a jail from 1100 until 1952, and was crucial royal jail within the nation throughout medieval occasions. The previous jail is now a UNESCO world heritage web site, and is usually talked about as essentially the most haunted constructing in England, haunted by the ghosts of earlier prisoners
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Tower of London, England
3. Chateau d’If, France – Chateau d’If was initially a fortress which turned a jail within the mid 17th century. It’s situated on a small island a few mile offshore from Marseille. Very like Alcatraz, its isolation on an island made it very best for escape-proof jail, and through the years a number of hundreds political and spiritual prisoners had been despatched to the infamous jail. The place is most well-known for being one of many settings of Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Depend of Monte Cristo. At the moment Chateau d’If is open to the general public and might be reached by a ship from Marseille
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Chateau d’If, France (supply: Jan Drewes)
4. Kilmainham Gaol, Eire – Kilmainham Gaol was in-built 1796 and was used as a jail till 1924. The jail had no segregation between the prisoners so males, ladies and youngsters had been incarcerated collectively and as much as 5 in cell. Many Irish revolutionaries, together with the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising, had been imprisoned and executed within the jail by the British, and the place stays one among a nationwide significance. At the moment, the infamous jail in Dublin is a museum for Irish historical past, and is taken into account to be one among Dublin’s greatest museums. It’s also the biggest unoccupied prisons in Europe
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin, Eire (supply: wiki)
5. Robben Island, South Africa – Robben Island is a small island of the shores of Cape City. The island served as a jail throughout South Africa’s apartheid regime. It was on this jail that the previous president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years (out of a complete of 27 years he was imprisoned). The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Web site, and aside from the historic significance, additionally it is an vital breeding space for a big African Penguin colony
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Robben Island, South Africa (Harvey Barrison, Massapequa, NY)
6. Satan’s Island, French Guiana – Satan’s Island, or the penal colony of Cayenne was a jail that operated from 1852, when the French empire was dominated by Napoleon Bonaparte until 1953. The jail was utilized by the French for exile of political prisoners. Essentially the most well-known prisoner was Captain Alfred Dreyfus. Escape from the island was thought-about not possible because it was surrounded by piranha-infested rivers and the thick jungles of the South American nation
Historic PrisonsDreyfus hut on Satan’s Island, French Guiana (Philipp Weigell)
7. Port Arthur, Australia – Positioned on the Tasman Peninsula, Port Arthur served as a convict colony for the British Empire ranging from 1833. Port Arthur Penitentiary was ultimately deserted in 1877, and in the present day it’s one among Australia’s most important heritage areas and an open-air museum, in addition to a UNESCO World Heritage Web site
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Port Arthur Penitentiary, Australia (Martybugs)
8. Hanoi Hilton, Vietnam – The Hoa Loa jail in Hanoi was constructed by France on the finish of the 19th century to carry Vietnamese prisoners of political nature. Later, through the Vietnam battle, the North Vietnamese Military used the jail to deal with American POWs, which sarcastically named the jail Hanoi Hilton. Incarcerated within the Hanoi Hilton included torture, hunger, and homicide. Senator John McCain, vice admiral James Stockdale and colonel Bud Day are only a few of the prisoners who had been imprisoned there. Many of the jail was demolished in the 1990s, however one half remained and now serves as a museum. The displays associated to the American POWs contradict vastly the troopers revealed memoires and studies, claiming that the prisoners had been handled effectively and never harmed
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Hanoi Hilton, Vietnam
9. Elmina Fort, Ghana – Elmina Fort was constructed by the Portuguese in 1482 as a commerce settlement, nevertheless it later turned an vital cease on the Atlantic slave commerce route, which means it was a jail for slaves ready to be bought. The Dutch took over Elmina Fort in 1637 however continued to make use of it for a similar functions. At the moment the fort is a well-liked historic web site, and a UNESCO World Heritage Web site. It’s also the oldest European constructing in existence beneath the Sahara
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Elmina Fort, Ghana (Dave Ley)
10. Home of Slaves, Goree Island, Senegal – The Home of Slaves (or Maison des Esclaves) was used till 1848 to maintain African slaves earlier than they had been shipped away from Africa. The jail is situated on Goree Island, off the shores of Dakar, Senegal. At the moment the Home of Slaves is a well-known museum
Historic PrisonsHistoric Prisons From Round The World: Home of Slaves, Goree Island, Senegal (Caro2000 from Quebec, Canada)



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