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10 most unusual deep sea creatures



Using new and evolving technologies, scientists explore new regions every year and find new creatures under the sea. There are many unknown and unseen marine species in the deep sea, most of which have not yet been explored. Another world can be found in the deep seas, where there are countless plants and marine animals. Most of the newly discovered deep-sea creatures looked awful, scary, and weird. Not all are as sweet as a clownfish or as playful as a dolphin. The following list contains the top 10 most unusual deep sea creatures.

10. Ocean Sunfish (Mola Mola)

Unusual deep-sea creatures
Ocean fish (Mola mola) can be found in all oceans with a tropical and temperate climate. Mola Mola likes to eat algae, small fish and gelatinous zooplankton. This type of fish is known as the world's largest bony fish. Ocean Sunfish can reach up to 3m (3ft) fin tips to fin tips and weigh almost 3000lbs.

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9. Giant isopod

Unusual deep-sea creatures
Giant isopod belongs to the nine members of the genus Bathynomus. The Isopod family (a group of crustaceans closely related to shrimps and crabs) is considered the largest known member. This creature is scientifically known as Bathynomus Giganteus. Undoubtedly, this is one of the strangest deep-sea creatures.

8. Mega Dogfish

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Literally, as the name implies, the Megamouth Shark has a huge mouth with a bulbous head and jutting jaw. A dark triangular mark is on the neckline and white markings on the tip of the fins and mouth. It weighs about 750 kg on average and has an average length of 4.5 m. However, some female Megamouth Sharks were measured in a length of 5 m.

7. Fangtooth

Unusual deep-sea creatures
Fangtooth is considered one of the most dangerous creatures found in deep oceans worldwide. Scientifically, this creature is known as Anoplogaster Cornuta. The name itself was packed with its characteristics. It is assumed that the largest teeth are underwater in relation to his height. Since Fangtooth has the unusual and ridiculous appearance, this fish was also called "ogre fish".

6. Viperfish

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One of the fiercest predators found in the deep sea is the viperfish. It has fangs that bend back to the fish's eyes and do not fit in its mouth. To attack its victim, this creature uses its sharp teeth by swimming and colliding with its prey at high speed. A long, dorsal spine, which is equipped with a photophore (light-generating organ), is another interesting feature.

5. Grenadiers

Unusual deep-sea creatures
Because this fish has an increased level of stinking chemical compound TMAO, its properties become humid and strange when it is outside the water. In order for them to eat live prey and carcasses, they slowly swim across the ocean floor and use their long faces to look for food.

4. Glass octopus

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In the middle of the ocean, the glass calmar can be found. The combination of sunlight and its total transparency make the species amazingly camouflaged. The creature has an eye and a bioluminescent light organ on the bottom to camouflage and see.

3. Football fish

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The football fish is a part of the sea-fish family Himantolophidae. Their style is characterized by their strange appearance and extreme differences between men and women. The females can be over two feet long, while the males grow about one and a half inches.

2. Pacific Black Dragon

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The male Blackdragon is brown colored and has a length of 8 cm (3 inches), it has no teeth, no Chinbarbel and belly. Since male Blackdragon can not eat, they only live for mating. On the other hand, the female is 2 feet (61 cm) long and has a chin hair style that is long and catchy. In order to hunt the prey, the female Black Dragon uses her light baits to bring the prey within reach, and then beats with the mouth full of long teeth.

1. Pelican eel

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The pelican eel can be up to 80 cm long. It has a translucent organ at the tail end and has an elongated body. Meanwhile, the gulper eel is found in the depths of tropical and temperate seas around the world.
These are some of the strangest creatures we have discovered in the deepest parts of our ocean. I can only imagine what mysterious new creature lives down there, waiting to be discovered.



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