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11 Surprising Facts About Mayans You Probably Didn’t Know



The Aztecs and Mayans are a few of historical past’s oldest civilizations. Nevertheless, with age additionally comes a historic baggage that’s not likely accessible to everybody. Even supposing the Mayans dwell on as we speak, within the seclusion of the Yucatan peninsula, many of the issues anthropologists learn about them is by doing lots – and I imply lots – of digging. Fortunately, civilization research have come far sufficient to have the ability to inform us 15 Stunning Details About Mayans You Most likely Didn’t Know.

1. Thriller Disappearance

Mystery Disappearance - Facts About Mayans
The Mayans have been greater than only a civilization: they have been an empire. With a lot land to occupy and such a giant identify made for your self on the time, it’s completely inexplicable how the Mayan empire merely collapsed suddenly. When the Spanish first arrived within the pre-Colombian Central America space, they discovered nothing however ruins. Researchers carried out quite a few research, via which they got here up with quite a lot of theories that would assist clarify the explanations for the empire’s decline. It’s theorized that it may have been a spread of things, from overpopulation to famine or drought.

2. Distinctive Weapons

Facts About Mayans - Unique Weapons
The Mayans have been additionally famed warriors, and maybe one of many causes behind their fight excellence is the fabric chosen to construct their weapons. Just like the Aztecs, they didn’t use iron and metal to forge weaponry, as a substitute opting to craft them out of volcanic rock or obsidian. Hey, I don’t learn about you, however anybody who requires getting close to a volcano to select up supplies sounds just like the epitome of hardcore to me.

3. Marks Of The Noblemen

Marks Of Noblemen, One Of The Facts About Mayans
Historical occasions aren’t precisely identified for shying away from shows of opulence. For those who occurred to be born in a noble Mayan household, it was made certain that completely everybody knew about it. Their noblemen may simply be acknowledged via their bodily options: crossed eyes, flattened foreheads and noses with distinguished beak-like shapes. Oh, however there’s extra: they coated their tooth in jade, and the noble girls filed theirs till they have been sharp and pointy.

4. Writing System

Facts About Mayans Include The Writing System
All historical civilizations had personalised writing methods, making it troublesome for something really spectacular to face out. The Mayans, nevertheless, had an extremely superior sort of writing, they usually by no means stepped again from a chance to remind everybody of that. They made scribbles on mainly any floor that could possibly be written on, buildings and partitions included. I might have mentioned that’s not precisely a step ahead from the prehistoric homo sapiens, who outlined mammoths on the partitions of their caves. However we nonetheless do it, don’t we? Right here we’re, perched on prime of the 21st century, graffiti spray in hand. Not less than, we grew to contemplate it artwork, although it’s possible the Mayans thought the identical about their ornamental writings.

5. Writing System 2.0

Writing System 2.0 - Facts About Mayans
Did I point out the truth that we are able to’t indulge ourselves within the beforehand talked about tremendous superior writing system? When the Spanish raided the American lands and conquered them, essentially the most tragic loss was the one of many Mayan writings. Not all of them have been misplaced, luckily, and have been picked up by translators and historians through the 20th and 21st century.

6. The Mayan Calendars

Facts About Mayans Include The Mayan Calendars
Assuming you haven’t been dwelling on the Moon for the final decade, it’s virtually not possible to have dodged the bullet of essentially the most panic-inducing apocalyptic prophecy. The world was supposed to finish on the 21st of December of 2012, in line with a studying of one of many three kinds of calendars the Mayans used. The Lengthy Rely calendar had a peculiar cycle, which reset as soon as each 2,800,000 days. When the stays of a type of calendars have been discovered, individuals assumed that the shortage of continuity past the 12 months 2012 was a sure clue that the world would finish. All it took afterward was for some fanatics to start out preaching it, then all hell broke free. I ponder what these those that invested tens of millions of {dollars} in apocalyptic bunkers are as much as nowadays.

7. Sacrifice Rituals

Their Rituals, Among The Facts About Mayans
Historical civilizations have been well-known for his or her barbarity. A few of the most ugly of acts have been dedicated within the identify of religion, as homages dropped at the gods they worshiped. The Mayans principally sacrificed prisoners and slaves, by getting them via a ritual with a extremely questionable stage of morality. They have been painted blue, typically even tortured, then led to the highest of the temple. There, they have been both killed by a barrage of arrows or had their nonetheless beating hearts torn out of their chests.

8. A Lethal Sport

Facts About Mayans - A Deadly Game
Each the Mayans and the Aztecs have been very keen on a sport that we all know as we speak because the “Mesoamerican Ballgame.” The courts the place the matches have been held are nonetheless standing, although the sport was a lot bloodier than any of our sports activities as we speak (sure, even hockey and rugby). It’s believed that the shedding workforce would then function a sacrifice and that the sport was performed with severed heads. I feel it’s protected to say that they weren’t essentially the most welcoming of individuals.

9. Birthday Names

Birthday Names - Facts About Mayans
Mayans weren’t essentially the most artistic of fogeys. They named their kids relying on which day they have been born on.

10. Superior Drugs

Facts About Mayans - Advanced Medicine
Drugs within the Mayan empire was extremely properly developed, with one in all their greatest achievements being the capability to create prosthesis.

11. Pyramids

Pyramids - Facts About Mayans
Mayan pyramids are the issues that nearly immediately make us consider historical Central American civilizations. You recognize those. They’re what the Eiffel Tower is to France. We have to thank Chichen Itza for these spectacular constructions, one of many greatest cities of Maya. Till just lately, Chichen Itza was within the care of a personal proprietor, although it now belongs to the federal government.
Whether or not you’re a huge historical past junkie, an individual with a common liking of anthropology or somebody who’s just lately watched Apocalypto and is searching for extra data to take pleasure in, these 11 Stunning Details About Mayans You Most likely Didn’t Know are right here to satiate your curiosity. They have been (and nonetheless are) a captivating tradition, however between the superb structure and pretend apocalyptic prophecies, they have been additionally a very violent bunch. Let’s all be glad that soccer developed to be the way in which it’s as we speak, all issues thought of.
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