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20 Amazing Tips to Never Have Spoiled Food Again & How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half



  1. Onions

All you must do is tie a knot between each onion with a pair of previous nylon stockings. With this methodology, the onions will last as long as 9 months. It’s because they’re in recent air and never squashed towards one another.

  1. Potatoes, onions and apples

These three merchandise we simply talked about ought to all the time be saved individually. As a result of, when they’re saved collectively, their shelf-life is lowered. Potatoes ought to be saved in darkish room or containers, in order that they don’t produce germs or poisonous solanine.

  1. Berries

Anytime you purchase recent berries on the native bazaar or grocery store, instantly while you get dwelling put the berries right into a bowl with water and vinegar. The ratio ought to be 10:1. After 5 minutes it is best to drain them in a sieve and allow them to dry. With this easy methodology, you’ll kill of the small micro-organisms, of the organic type, and makes the berries last more.

  1. Honey

Honey is taken into account to be one of many most lasting meals on this planet. It’s best to hold your honey in a tightly sealed glass jar, which you’ll retailer in a cool space. Saved this manner, it should present honey with a protracted shelf-life.

  1. Eggs

Sure, that is true. Eggs can be frozen. All you must do is crack the eggs into an ice-cube container, add a little bit salt or sugar – which prevents them from changing into grainy. You should use them anytime you need.

  1. Tomato sauce

You may as well freeze tomato sauce. Simply put the tomato sauce that’s leftover in a freezer bag and froze it. After 1-2 hours it ought to be frozen sufficient, so you’ll be able to separate the mass into particular person parts. Simply use the again of a knife for that and push the sauce forwards and backwards.

  1. Herbs

All you must do is choose your herbs, put some little olive oil within the ice-cube containers alongside with the cubes and freeze them. They will final for ages this manner.

  1. Bananas

Simply wrap the stem of the banana in cling wrap. They’ll brown far more slowly this manner.

  1. Celery, broccoli, and lettuce

Do you know that these three greens final for much longer and stay crunchy it they’re saved within the fridge wrapped in aluminum foil?

  1. Greens

Are you aware easy methods to give greens an extended shelf life? They must be evenly blanched earlier than you freeze them.

  1. Lettuce

Seize a paper towel and wrap your lettuce. The paper towel will soak the additional moisture as a result of the additional moisture could make it go dangerous.

  1. Apples

Everyone knows that apples can final for a very long time. Should you retailer them in your fridge, they’ll last as long as 6 months. All you must do is look ahead to the well-known rotten apple and eliminate it. Should you don’t, it should spoil the remainder.

  1. Carrots

Retailer your carrots in darkish container with sand and they’ll final endlessly.

  1. Mincemeat

You may freeze and portion the leftover mincemeat. Simply use the identical methodology you used for the leftover tomato sauce. Simply taw and use it while you want it.

  1. Cheese in buckets

The cheese you purchase in supermarkets, which is saved in buckets can final twice as lengthy when it’s saved upside-down.

  1. Glass jars

Cease utilizing plastic containers, and retailer your meals in glass jars. It should final for much longer

  1. Cheese

You may retailer your cheese in a particular, grease-proof paper. It should last more, doesn’t sweat, and doesn’t style like plastic.

  1. Pineapple

Simply take away the pineapple crown and put the pineapple on its head. It should make the fruit pleasurable for for much longer

  1. Spring onions

You may depart the recent spring onions to develop, by inserting them in a glass jar full of water. Anytime you want them, they are going to be recent and crisp. You may even develop fully new onions from the bulb.

  1. Cake

Simply put some items of bread round your cake and it’ll final for much longer. The items of bread take away the moisture from the encompassing air and on the identical time stop the cake from drying out, the place it’s been minimize.

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