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A Remarkably Colorful Geminid Meteor Streaks Across the Sky in a Singular Astrophotograph by Dean Rowe





January 2, 2019

Laura Staugaitis

Colorado-based photographer Dean Rowe lately captured the spectacular sight of a colourful Rainbow Geminid Meteor streaking throughout the sky throughout December’s Geminid meteor bathe. The picture was shared on NASA’s Astronomy Image of the Day earlier this month, and features a useful clarification from an expert astronomer:
The radiant grit solid off by asteroid 3200 Phaethon blazed a path throughout Earth’s ambiance longer than 60 occasions the angular diameter of the Moon. Colours in meteors normally originate from ionized components launched because the meteor disintegrates, with blue-green usually originating from magnesium, calcium radiating violet, and nickel glowing inexperienced. Purple, nevertheless, usually originates from energized nitrogen and oxygen within the Earth’s ambiance.
Rowe, the photographer who documented this ephemeral second, shares with Colossal that he has been focused on pictures and astronomy since his early teenagers. He constructed his personal telescope on the age of 13 which included grinding and sprucing the mirror lens by hand. After a profession in software program engineering, Rowe has been investing in pictures in retirement, with a concentrate on the large world of nature. Along with evening and astrophotography, Rowe additionally incessantly images hummingbirds in flight. You possibly can see extra of his work on his web site, the place prints can be found for buy, and his Fb web page.



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