Ana sayfa general An Audiovisual Feast Showcasing the Complete Production of a Hand-Forged Lock Box

An Audiovisual Feast Showcasing the Complete Production of a Hand-Forged Lock Box





January 2, 2019

Laura Staugaitis

Solid and Filed, a transfixing new video by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based filmmaker Jesse Beecher showcases the skills of metalsmith Seth Gould. Within the 5 minute-long documentary brief, Beecher not solely highlights the technical prowess of Gould’s advanced design and development abilities, however he additionally transforms the percussive sounds of the steel workshop in to a energetic soundtrack. The banging of hammers, crumpling of paper, and scorching of flames amplify the hand-forged nature of metalsmithing. Solid and Filed follows Gould’s progress as he creates an extremely detailed lock field, shaping each aspect utterly from scratch.
Gould graduated in 2009 from Maine Faculty of Artwork in Portland, Maine with a level in metalsmithing and jewellery. During the last decade he has proven his work extensively and shared his data as a visiting artist and lecturer across the nation—most lately on the prestigious Penland Faculty of Crafts in North Carolina.You’ll be able to see extra of the metalsmith’s works on his Instagram and web site, together with these inventive interpretations of hammers.
Along with his private initiatives, Beecher works because the Director of Pictures for Northern Mild Productions, a Boston-based firm that creates media for cultural establishments, and has additionally produced work for PBS, Netflix, and Comedy Central. You’ll be able to see extra of Beecher’s initiatives on his web site.



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