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How to Grow Lettuce and Microgreens



It’s onerous to beat the style of a crisp inexperienced salad made with components recent from the backyard.
A patch of different kinds of lettuce, leafy greens, and microgreens in a garden.
Simple to develop, lettuce and blended greens ask little of the gardener, however ship scrumptious flavors and vitamins for our enjoyment and good well being.
Generally known as cool-weather crops, they thrive within the heat days and funky evenings of spring, and within the late summer time/early autumn season as properly.
A number of ideas will provide help to to increase the rising time of those emerald treasures. There are even methods to overwinter a few of these leafy annuals for a super-early feast subsequent 12 months!
Plant lettuce early in the season, with marigolds as a pest deterrent. We share our best tips: lettuces with companion marigolds, the tremendous flower of pest deterrents.
We’ll cowl when to sow, soil preparation, blended varieties, companion vegetation and pests, learn how to prolong the season, rising in containers, seedlings, and learn how to overwinter.
So, let’s take a look at the perfect methods to develop salad greens for a gentle, bountiful crop.

When to Sow

To realize the perfect germination price from seeds, the optimum soil temperatures for many lettuce varieties and salad greens are between 50 and 80 levels Fahrenheit.
Beneath 50 levels, germination shall be spotty, and above 80 levels, the seeds go dormant.
As soon as the seeds have germinated and sprouted, the best air temperature for the perfect progress and taste is within the 60s, with an higher vary to the mid-70s.
When the temps get increased than 77°F, flavors develop into bitter because the plant prepares to set seeds.
Lettuce seedlings in trays, started outdoors. | Gardenerspath.comPicture by Lorna Kring.
For spring planting, seeds might be sown straight within the floor roughly 4 weeks earlier than the final frost.
However, it’s at all times smart to test your seed packet for optimum germination temperatures and steered planting dates.

Quite a lot of scrumptious microgreens and starter kits can be found at Mountain Valley Seeds, one in all our favourite purveyors.
Most looseleaf lettuce and microgreens will go from seed to salad bowl in 45 to 55 days. Romaine takes 75-85 days, and crispheads mature wherever from 70-100 days – so plan to reap your final harvest earlier than it will get too sizzling.

For a continuing provide all through the spring and into mid-summer, repeat sowings each 10-21 days.
Many salad greens can be straight sown in late summer time, properly earlier than the final frost date. If supplied with a correct mulch, these will overwinter and be prepared for selecting in March (see Overwintering under.) Once more, test the seed packet for particular particulars on late sowing.

Soil Preparation

Lettuces and blended greens have few necessities for strong progress, and soil preparation is easy as properly.
For the perfect manufacturing, select a web site with good drainage. However remember that the soil ought to have the ability to retain some moisture as properly.
For optimum leaf manufacturing with plentiful yields, the soil ought to have loads of humus and be wealthy in each nitrogen and potassium – with a super pH between and 6.8.
A combination of top soil, compost, and peat is best for growing leafy greens. | Gardenerspath.comGreens like a wealthy prime soil, blended with compost and peat. Picture by Lorna Kring.
The simplest technique to guarantee sufficient ranges of those vitamins is to work in loads of natural materials, reminiscent of compost, well-rotted manure, or leaf mildew. To offer further tilth, a winter mulch of hay might be labored in as properly.

Lettuce and blended salad veggies have shallow roots, and so they develop shortly. As such, they want a gentle provide of water to generate tender, juicy leaves, guarantee wholesome progress, and to stop stress.

Osmile Skilled Collection Soaker Hose, accessible on Amazon.
In case your spring climate tends to be dry, a soaker hose or drip line is at all times a great funding.

Combine It Up

Along with lettuce, specialty microgreen blends get pleasure from cool climate as properly.
Sowing quite a lot of veggies for his or her tender tops extends the salad season, and provides higher dietary worth. So buy a mix, or a collection of seeds that features your favorites – reminiscent of arugula, kale, mesclun, mustard, mizuna, spinach, Swiss chard, and so forth.
Lettuce planted in neat rows, early in the season. |
Plant the greens that benefit from the cool soil and low gentle situations first. Then, as the times get longer and hotter, begin mixing in some heat-resistant varieties.
Oh, and in the event you elevate chickens, these younger leafy greens make scrumptious fodder for them as properly.

Companions and Pests

Companion vegetation assist to behave as pure pest repellents, and might be added into your rows or planted across the perimeter of a plot.
To assist deter bugs and micro organism from invading your salad crops, carrots, onions, marjoram, marigolds, parsnips, radishes, and strawberries are all pleasant selections – however maintain something within the cabbage household away.
Companion planting lettuces with onions and radishes can help to prevent pests. | Gardenerspath.comPlanting lettuce with onions and radishes may help to stop pests. Picture by Lorna Kring.
If salad-loving bunnies and deer go to your plots, orange oil focus with d-limonene is a really efficient pure repellent, created from citrus peels.
Non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable, d-limonene additionally has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and different health-assisting properties – so you’ll be able to really feel assured utilizing it in your edibles.

Select an oil that has a excessive focus of d-limonene (over 90 p.c), and blend in a sprig bottle. One half orange oil to 15 components water will do the trick.

Pure Chilly-Pressed Orange Oil Focus, accessible on Amazon.
Use a advantageous mist setting and apply evenly however totally in late afternoon, after the solar is off of your vegetation. Frequency of utility depends upon how persistent your critters are.

When you’ve got a close-by stand of “deer sweet” (tulips, lilies, snapdragons, and so forth), every day misting could also be mandatory. In any other case, each few days will work – however at all times after a rain or overhead watering.
Deter garden pests - or plant a few extra rows of lettuce for the bunnies! |
The occasional backyard raid nonetheless occurs, however I discover this methodology to be efficient about 90 p.c of the time. And it’s at all times prudent to plant a bit further if you recognize that backyard raiders shall be visiting!
Naturally, after misting, you need to rinse your salad veggies properly earlier than consuming.

Lengthen the Season

Other than planting heat-tolerant varieties, there are a couple of extra methods to increase the rising season.

To retain candy taste so long as attainable, present your salad veggies with some afternoon shade for reduction from the warmth.

Tierra Backyard Simple Shade Internet Tunnel, accessible on Amazon.
The simplest approach to do that is with the usage of hoops coated with a panorama material, which creates a shade tunnel.
A layer of mulch can even assist to maintain roots cool and persistently hydrated.
Mulches manufactured from shredded grass clippings, straw, or hay will shortly fade to a lightweight hue within the daylight – which is nice factor, as lighter colours replicate the daylight away from roots.
Conversely, keep away from utilizing darkish mulch that absorbs daylight and attracts warmth into the roots.

Simple Picker Raised Mattress Develop Field, accessible on Amazon.
After all, in the event you develop your salad greens in containers, you’ll be able to merely transfer them to an space that will get afternoon shade. A wheeled cart or planter is useful for this.


Head lettuces can take as much as three months to mature, so these varieties are finest grown in a backyard mattress. Nonetheless, looseleaf and butterhead varieties, in addition to blended blends, develop very properly in containers.
Because the lettuce leaves mature, decide or minimize the outer ones which can be near the bottom – this enables the guts to proceed to develop and produce new leaves.
Potted lettuces can be started early in the season. |
This type of harvesting is called cut-and-come-again. It would give a steady provide of leaves if repeat plantings have been sown – and in addition retains your containers trying full.
To reap blended greens, make a clear minimize with a knife or scissors, leaving a few half-inch for regrowth.
Guarantee your containers are an acceptable materials with loads of drainage materials within the backside in addition to sufficient drainage holes, and use a loamy soil that’s wealthy in natural materials (see Soil Preparation).

Seedlings and Transplants

To reap excessive yields of tasty salad greens for the complete rising season, you’ll need to have a gentle provide of younger transplants – along with repeat floor sowings.
One of the simplest ways to do that is to sow a few pinches of seed each two or three weeks – and this may be carried out both indoors or out.
If it’s both too sizzling or too chilly outdoors for correct germination, seedlings must be began indoors. This may be carried out underneath lights, in a sunroom, or in a greenhouse.
(In the event you’re excited by constructing your personal, you don’t need to miss these DIY greenhouse and chilly body plans and tasks from a few of our favourite bloggers.)
Use a lightweight seeding combine for the soil, and plant in flats or trays. As soon as the seedlings have their first true leaves, transplant to small particular person pots or cells for one more two weeks earlier than inserting within the backyard.
Plant microgreens and lettuces early in the season for salads all summer long. |
To start out seedlings outdoor, a chilly body offers a great surroundings. Or, you’ll be able to direct sow the place you need them to develop.

You can too use any unoccupied backyard area to plant a pinch of seeds. If the climate is favorable, you’ll have a dozen or so little seedlings able to be transplanted in a few weeks – or you’ll be able to simply permit them to develop the place they’re.
After transplanting, seedlings get pleasure from being watered promptly with a diluted mixture of seaweed or fish emulsion to set and nourish the roots.


As soon as the summer time warmth has gone, there’s one other climate window that gives excellent rising situations. When you’ve got a pleasant provide of seedlings, the tip of summer time and starting of autumn is a good time to plant.
When daytime temperatures start to chill, put together your fall planting web site in the identical method as to your spring crops, then plant your seedlings.
As nighttime temperatures start to dip into the 30s, add a thick mulch of straw to your rows, or cowl your salad greens with a light-weight, floating backyard cloth.
Topping lettuce crops with hay or other organic matter helps to retain moisture and protect from cold weather. | Gardenerspath.comTopping with natural matter helps to retain moisture, maintain roots cool, and shield from chilly climate.
As temperatures proceed to drop into the 20s in colder areas, add a heavier backyard quilt. If the temps in your space dip into single digits, add a second backyard quilt suspended on hoops.
In late winter or early spring when temperatures start to climb, take away the layers in reverse order till your greens are as soon as once more outdoor within the buff!
Very younger salad greens which can be lower than 4 to 6 weeks previous will go dormant over the winter. As soon as the sunshine returns, these will shortly revive and start rising for a March harvest.

Repeat Plantings

For a gentle crop, don’t restrict your self by planting solely lettuce, or simply planting every year.
With repeat plantings, a big selection of types (together with some heat-tolerant ones), and slightly ingenuity to create your personal microclimate, you’ll have the ability to get pleasure from these scrumptious greens nearly each month of the 12 months – not only for a couple of weeks within the spring.
Fresh, homegrown garden lettuces. |
Doesn’t that sound scrumptious?
Salad growers, any insights or questions you’d prefer to toss into the combination? Tell us within the feedback under!
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Fresh, crisp, and succulent, salad greens are best suited to grow in the early days of spring. But with a little planning and ingenuity, you can enjoy these tasty morsels almost every month of the year. Get all the details right here on the best growing conditions and environment for a steady harvest!

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