Ana sayfa general When the Sun Sets in Baiona, a Seemingly Simple Whale Mural Reveals...

When the Sun Sets in Baiona, a Seemingly Simple Whale Mural Reveals a Belly Full of Sailors




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December 19, 2018

Laura Staugaitis

A brand new collaborative mural by Barcelona-based artists María López and Javier de Riba undergoes a dramatic shift from day to nighttime. Titled Hizkuntza, the mural seems to be a easy define of a whale by day, however darkness reveals an intricate glowing design. The position of the whalers contained in the whale’s stomach suggests an ambiguous energy dynamic: did the whale swallow the sailors, or did they overtake the beast and switch it right into a ghost of its former self?
The mural is situated in Patxa Plaza in Baiona, a small metropolis on the northwest coast of Spain that could be a widespread vacationer vacation spot. The Plaza specifically is a web site of public gathering and celebration of Basque tradition. In an outline of the mural on Behance, the artists clarify that they had been impressed by the advanced historical past of whaling. Industrial extinction of the Eubalena Glacialis whale within the Cantabrian Sea pressured Basque sailors to discover new horizons, which created new languages like Basque-Icelandic and Algonquin-Basque.
López and de Riba usually work in glowing paints, and deal with the tradition and historical past of the places the place they set up their murals. You possibly can see extra of their work on Instagram and see behind-the-scenes in movies on their Vimeo channel. Hizkuntza can also be accessible as a restricted version glow-in-the-dark print from the artists’ web site, Reskate Studio.



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